The Highlights

It was such an honor (and a blast!) to be selected to give a TEDx talk in Boulder, Colorado, my home. I was inspired by a fantastic academic article by Kitzinger & Firth (1999) where they discussed how the lens of conversation analysis can be applied to consent. Watch here>>


Before this TEDx Talk, I earned a Masters of Linguistics from the University of Colorado-Boulder where the bulk of my research focused on conversation analysis applied to fatal police interactions. During my Masters, I had the opportunity to spend the academic year of 2016-2017 living the dream in Tours, France.

In Tours, I worked at a university teaching English language and cultural classes, in addition to linguistic courses. I also volunteered on the TEDxTours team, emceed their event in front of 700 paying participants in French (mon dieu!) and hosted a weekly radio show. I also drank enough wine and ate enough delicious cheese to last a lifetime.(Kidding. There's no way I could hit that quota.)